• Jools Oughtibridge

    Relaxing watching the maestro Ken Bruce in the chair 🙂

  • Paul

    Looks like Ken’s grandson (in the checked shirt) is determined to give himself ink poisoning from that pen!

  • Shapiro

    What a mong Ken Bruce is. A radio show full of glitches and errors. Get back to London mate, you can’t cope out from the studio.

    • Challenge Radio

      Aww Shapiro! We love Ken being part of Challenge Radio, lets be nice here! 🙂 x

    • splatcat

      Thought Mr Bruce dealt with the situation admirably. A true professional. Really bad choice of terminology Shapiro, if that was a personal dig you should be ashamed of yourself. Even if it wasn’t I thought we’d left that sort of language behind in the 70s

  • Oliver Ing

    Hi Glen, Fred and Ben!!